Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Clarifying Lies About the Internet" at Vis A Tergo

Today's story is over at Vis A Tergo. The kindly Valerie Valdes invited me to appear this week with "Clarifying Lies About the Internet."

It's one of my first pure monologues to appear anyway but here. This one's about what the internet has absolutely not done to your attention span and anyone who says otherwise is demented.

Comments aren't enabled on that blog-zine, so I've opened them up here.This is pretty much a social experiment. Did you read to this third paragraph? Did you click through to the other story? Unable to respond there, did you return here to leave a comment? Those who made it here, feel free to tell me I'm enjoying myself too much below.


  1. John, I do like a good rant and this one had me nodding the whole time - especially the part about the Apps. I was really...

    ...what was I doing...?

  2. The future is farm raised Apps. They look the same and taste almost the same, but still you know they are inferior in some way you can't quite put your finger on.

  3. I think you're right John, I played on the app Farm Ville until I had the biggest farm I could get, and all the equipment that I could buy- did I give up then noooo, I turned my farm into a farm park - the internet hasn't harmed my attention span :o)

  4. I now have pills to increase my attention span. It's a pity they come with commercial breaks every 7 minutes.
    Adam B

  5. I almost didn't make it, John. It's a good thing your funny. #doyouhaveanappforthatface

  6. Clever way to route us to your rant, which was well worth the rerouting. The internet has almost destroyed my own ability to read books.

  7. The only reason I kept reading was because I was convinced you had buried a random movie line somewhere in the midst of the text. Well, that, and it was a great monologue. A few more reads and I'm sure I'll find that quote...

    Great job, BTW.

  8. Arrrgh, the single paragraph. #$%&

    Good fun, just thought you should know. But you're already having too much of it anyway.

    I find it's not so much the lack of ability to focus for long ON the internet, rather the inability to stick to some task without feeling the need to check Twitter updates or Facebook reactions every ten minutes.

  9. Read lines to myself out loud, is how much I liked this one. Also woke the cat up by laughing too loudly.


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