Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: Ain't never gonna get another date with her

So this girl hounded me for weeks, said I didn't complain enough. Knew there had to be something wrong in my life that I was hiding. She complained all the time, and couldn't understand why I just wanted to kick my feet up and laugh. So one night I turned around and told her everything I don't usually talk about. It stopped her dead in her tracks. Stopped, she got to nagging on me. Said, "You spent a decade trying to fix it, couldn't and gave up? That's awful. How can you do that?" I put my feet up on the desk and said, "Like this." And she kept nagging. "That's like staying in Hell and saying you like the scenery." And I shrugged, "Well, the scenery is nice, but I stay for the company."

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