Monday, January 7, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: Got to write this idea out before someone steals it

The soundtrack of my life steals liberally from those anime shows with all the overdeveloped schoolgirls; you know, the really cheery, sugary songs that make you want to kill yourself. They don't make me suicidal. They just match my grin.

The soundtrack also has a lot of rock music in there. I've probably driven to "Them Bones" by Alice in Chains and "Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet for more hours than I've listened to those songs on CD.

Every morning, my distinct opening theme is the anthem from the Godzilla movies. It's a wish fulfillment as hundreds of tons of mountainside (my blanket) slide off me and I begin my trek towards Tokyo (the bathroom). Oh, and the theme from Peanuts. That one occurs at least once a day in my life, even when I'm a pallbearer.

Some songs make more infrequent cameos. I'm pretty sure I've walked through Wal-Mart to the Imperial March from Star Wars. I know I’ve shoveled snow to the Uruk-Hai theme from Lord of the Rings (those Hobbits are probably in the next snow drift - why did we have to have an up-hill Moria?).

It's kind of funny that there's all that Seatbelts and Devin Townsend in the soundtrack of my life, given that I tend to write to Tchaikovsky or Mozart. Not that the playlist doesn't cycle to tracks from 28 Days Later and Silent Hill eventually - but hey, the background music from horror movies usually puts me in a good mood.

Good mood music is usually in the background when I'm shopping, walking or whatever else takes me out into public. Not on an iPod. Just on my soul (which I still need to upgrade). It's my contribution to a world that is overburdened with the sound of violins, or so the frowns of all those strangers sound to me.

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