Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: Call it Fantasy if it makes you feel better; Hell, call it a Romantic Comedy if it makes you feel better

He is the god of atheism. There might as well be one. There was a god of war, a god of love, a god of the river on the other side of town, so why not a god of atheism? And it's not like he cares if his followers believe in him. Why would he? Their own disbelief feeds his power. The god of Christianity and the god of Islam are strong, supping upon so much faith, but there is no god that consumes so much as the one for whom belief and disbelief are the same. Better still, he doesn't have to play propaganda. If he doesn't care whether you worship, he sure doesn't care how you behave. Where the god of Judaism sent book after book of laws to get the world He wanted out of the little free-willed animals, the god of atheism only needs one thing: doubt. And doubt is to faith what shadow is to substance; the latter cannot exist without casting the former. So even if the entire world's population could be coerced into believing in deities, each little praying boy and girl would still feed him. Everyone who believes in anything is afraid that they're wrong. It's probably because he feeds on that fear that the god of atheism is so often mistaken for the Devil. Trust me, they're not the same, though they do eat lunch together more often than Moses and Jesus do.

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