Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Maroon of the Blue Hair

Some folk asked why a girl with only one eye and that figure was so into dressing up. You’d think she would want to take attention off of herself.

Not Uz Maroon, though.

She’d dress up as a cartoon character, and not just for those annual conventions up in the city. Uz dressed up like Betty Boop to go to work. She’d roll into the diner dolled up like Marilyn Monroe, and if you seemed like a tipper, she’d do an impression for you. One time, dolled up as a president’s wife of whom no one had heard, she explained it wasn’t denial of what she was, but embracing everything that was already in her. It wasn’t imitation of external forces, but letting out things that were inside. Something she’d picked up from an interview with Marlon Brando, an actor of whom no one had heard. She explained it from behind the cash register, which she treated as a podium in the White House pressroom.

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