Monday, June 8, 2009

What is your favorite Serial Bathroom Monologue?

There's a new poll up today asking what your favorite serial Bathroom Monologues are. Sometimes I get a chain of short ideas, and then you get something like the Holegators in the Bathroom Twitter Experiment, or the five perspectives on Rufus Osbourne's story. I'm curious which ones people remember fondly, and if they'd like to see anything like those again. The candidates (with links if you haven't read them) are:

-Letters from Giant Monsters: Open letters from giant monsters including King Kong, Godzilla and Mothra, reflecting on their careers.

-Rufus Osbourne's Story: Different (and questionable) angles on the life of Rufus Osbourne, legendary demon slayer and war profiteer.

-Strange Company: In my humble opinion, the internet's best existential sitcomic strip. Featuring men in pink tuxedos, assassins, vampires, superheroes, warrior queens, planets, and absolutely no illustration.

-Rejected Proposals: Pitches for products and projects that would never be funded.

-"Perspectives:" News stories explaining radically different perspectives on life, like possessed people protesting against exorcism. Dedicated to Tim Meadows.

-55-Word Stories: Pretty self-explanatory.

-Six-Sentence Stories: Pretty self-explanatory, but I put the number in word form so it could feel different.

-Ad Wars: The titanic struggle of attack ads between New York and California, delivered upon imaginary billboards.

-Bathroom Twitter Experiment: A man's home is infested by tunneling alligators. As told by the home owner, through Twitter.

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