Monday, November 26, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: Yes, there were male nymphs

A later son of Demeter by way of a male nymph from the Norselands. Can talk to all things that spring from the earth, and hear their memories - knowing anything that they witness. Can replace organs of his body with plants; a turnip for his heart, a gourd for his liver, vegetable sinew for his ligaments. When winter was longer in the world, he would replace some of his organs, and plant the physical organs in the earth, sharing his mystical essence with the land, permanently shortening winter. Unfortunately this caused those fractions of winter to enter his body; the cold season replaced his heart, liver, pancreas and such, making him emotionally colder. After a time his psyche became so cold that he forgot why he carried out such altruism, and became a wayfarer, wandering away from nature's grace.

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