Friday, November 30, 2007

Haiku in the November Scifaikuest

I have a haiku in issue 18 of Scifaikuest, available for purchase online. I've included a link to their shop at at the bottom of this notice. Maybe you'll pick up a copy and write the editor about how much you liked the opener.

I'm very touched that Scifaikuest chose to feature my haiku as the opener. It means a lot to give someone you've never published before the first space in your magazine. Fans of the Bathroom Monologues will probably like this little work, since it fits with my themes here. If you're interested in reading something new, Scifaikuest is a very interesting magazine that uses its niche to deliver something a world away from The New Yorker or Analog.

You can purchase a copy of the issue 18 or a subscription by paypal at:

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