Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: If Physics were so Philosophical

"I've killed 563 people since I turned sixteen. I've kept strict count. It's rude to forget a person you've killed. However, I haven't killed anyone in two years. The last person I killed was totally fair, mind you, but it most disturbed my friends. We almost broke up permanently over the affair. So since then, I've operated under the rules of Physics when it comes to violence. If I am assaulted by a weaker opponent, I will wound them grievously but I will try to avoid vital organs and leave them alive. If I should meet an opponent of equal or surpassing skill, I will certainly kill them. You see, it is a law of Physics that should a superior mass encounter an inferior mass, it must be at least a little careful with the little thing. But it is also a law of Physics that should two bodies of equal force collide, they do not have to mind their manners." -Egal Vineguard


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