Friday, December 14, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: A Response to No One in Particular

Yes, Fantasy is make-believe. But you know what? Make-believe is no worse than real-doesn't-care-if-you-believe. And your so-called realistic fiction is a million miles from real life, so I don't give a crap if my Fantasy is a million and ten (and your non-fiction isn't close to orbit, either). Why write make-believe? Because eventually you get tired of writing about middle-aged women who are afraid they got herpes off a subway bathroom seat, the heartbreak of the little league semi-finals, and sardonic Christmas-time department store elves. Eventually you say, "Screw writing about reality and sardonic department store elves. I'm gonna write egregious fantasy about woodland elves with D-cup breasts that defy gravity in every way my excessive vocabulary can muster." No, it ain't real, but this is Literature and life doesn't come in text form. Your favorite biographies probably so inaccurate that they belong on the Fantasy shelves anyway.

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