Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: Some Words of Unwisdom

“You can fireproof it, keeping flame from scorching the interior; you can waterproof it, keeping storms from ruining the wood paneling; you can tamperproof it, keeping clever people from rewiring it while you aren't looking. But you cannot foolproof it. Those who believe in foolproofing are a hundred times as stupid as those who believe in the gods. Gods, if they exist, will screw you. Idiots, if they exist, will screw you, and you hired them. And the worst thing is that maybe there’s a god of thunder running around in the sky, but there’s a potential fool running around in every brain. I’ve been around a long time, and I can attest that no one, no matter how wise or mighty, is so dangerous as in that one critical moment when they don’t know what they’re doing. For every master thief and prodigy commander, there was a fool who let them succeed and become famous, and two-to-five fools who foiled their own team's mission without an enemy hero around to take credit for the "victory." The fool is more powerful than the flood, because there is no dam that defend against him. And that is why I'm a fool."

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