Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: You'll never look at grandma's toaster the same way again

When Maurine Ellington stopped by Clarice James's yard sale, she couldn't have known she was going to walk away with a piece of history. For three dollars she got a rusty old steam iron and some unused tennis balls. The balls were uninteresting, but the Casco iron, a brand she didn't even recognize, was actually a sixty-year-old prototype that the company never meant sell in the first place. It was one of the three first irons ever produced by the Casco company, and vintage collectors priced Mrs. Ellington's new iron in the neighborhood of $500,000, if she didn't use it first. Though unavailable for comment, friends of the Ellingtons say she intends to move to Florida with their newfound wealth. This station contacted Mr. James, keeper of the yardsale, and asked if he would sue for possession of the iron or a part of the profits when it goes on sale next month. He said, quote, "Aw no, I sold it to 'em fair. That was my own stupidity. Just wish I hadn't given 'em a discount on them balls."

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