Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: A Violence of History

There is a cult in the east that expounds on a plane of existence above our own, which is populated exclusively by the spirits of weapons and sheathes. Each has a distinct and rich personality that is expressed esoterically on the physical plane, perhaps by cutting the hand of the wielder, fitting nicely on one’s belt, or being difficult to draw from a scabbard. Bare blades are feminine, wily and highly active, necessitating (and hence causing) the production of more weapons. Sheathes are masculine, shrouding the weapons, subverting them into docility and social harmony. The drive of blades and scabbards to reproduce, to couple and harbor the spirit for the creation of superior weapons, is what drives creation on our plane. Our consciousness and social hierarchies are mere tools through which the weapons reproduce and evolve. Guns and bullets may be the next step in the genetics of weaponry. Scientists accuse the cult of subscribing to a theory too abstract to prove. The sword cult admits that their theory is out there, but asks anyone to provide a better explanation for the violence of history.

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