Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: Hail to the Elite

"Harold Bloom, Alexis de Tocqueville, all the sum of history's critics and elitists couldn't or didn't (or a mixture of both) stop the world's atrocities. They don't help world hunger, they don't stop genocides. They scarcely pay attention to them. These people, who either lack the power (my guess) or the motivation (my second guess) to do real good, instead stick their feet in the way of my pleasure. I speak not of those who inform, who advocate to the consumer, or who share an opinion – rather I speak of those who thrust opinions at others, and who brazenly hold their thoughts superior to ours. When I work, when I sweat, when I bleed my way through a day, who is anyone to tell me not to look forward to The West Wing? Or Rush Hour 4? Or the next Grand Theft Auto? They have no right, nor means to make right. Certainly they have no might. What else can make right? Can libel masked as criticism? Can snickering, or the constant putting on of airs? Air, vapor, gas, nothing, absence. Elitists have done nothing to deserve authority over my heart."

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