Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: Where is my flying car, Jetson?

Toyota stresses that the new Flying Car Model ™, or Toyota Apollo ®, will not eliminate traffic jams. It will, however, make traffic jams much more interesting, and the resulting accidents will be far more difficult to look away from. With our new AirBag 2.0 ™, in-cabin crash experiences will be considerably safer than current industry standards, while civilians who decide to stick with the more terrestrial automobiles have nothing to worry about, since the Toyota Apollo ® will fall upwards should they be disabled or run out of fuel. They currently run entirely on solar power, and have a meticulously refined battery system, but as we are sensitive to the sports utility market, Toyota will offer an optional gasoline engine by the end of the year, which comes with a complimentary gun rack and $5.00 Citgo gas card ®.

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